Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rising Lion brings positive message to Boise

An eager crowd of college students, dread heads and old-timers gathered at Terrapin Station Friday night to hear the infectious reggae of Orlando native, Rising Lion.

The Terrapin Station provided the ideal environment for the event. Known by many as the “local hippie bar,” the club has recently started catering to a wide variety of tastes.

“We provide a more unique atmosphere than most places. Our aim is to be a hub of sub-culture in town. You have the hippies, then there’s a goth night and a punk night too,” said Jaron “Jack” Adkins, co-owner of the bar.

Friday’s event took place as a celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday, and Rising Lion rose to the occasion.

Touring worldwide for over 15 years, Danny Dred — also known as Rising Lion — remains a favorite of the reggae scene. He has shared a stage with the likes of Santana, Toots and the Maytals and Burning Spear.

Rising Lion’s band warmed up the crowd with danceable grooves for the first few minutes, before the man himself hit the stage. Towering over the rest of the group and dwarfing his Fender Stratocaster, the reggae veteran gave the appearance of more offensive lineman than soul musician.

The bass player constantly plugged away, laying a thick rhythm on top of the drums. Peppering in the melody, the keyboardist punctuated the sound with his constant tapping of the keys. The backing guitarist added a trace of blues to the overall groove. Rising Lion’s soloing abilities excelled, his fingers gliding up and down the fret board with a strong element of soul.

In the first act they performed a rousing rendition of Marley’s “Stir it Up,” giving it a unique feel with the addition of an outstanding three part vocal harmony. The vocal range and abilities of the group highlighted the night. They followed with notable takes on band staples such as “Herbalist” and “I See the Light.” The sound ranged from dance hall to dub while also incorporating elements of hip-hop and rock. The crowd danced into the wee hours as if in the middle of summertime in Jamaica.

Like Bob Marley, Rising Lion promotes the positive message of unity and peace. His words of advice for those bogged down by the day-to-day of college and jobs encouraged a sense of stability.

“Stay positive and optimistic; work hard at everything you do. Work hard and play hard, it’s like a pendulum. There has to be balance in your life,” he said.

For more info on Rising Lion, visit his Web site at risinglion.com.

LGN Entertainment Distribution To Launch New Media & Announces Two New Artists' Signings

LGN Entertainment Distribution To Launch New Media & Announces Two New Artists' Signings

SNM Global Holdings subsidiary LGN Entertainment Distribution Inc., announced the launch of a New Media division -- "Sun Sign Media"' and the signing of two clients.

Sun Sign Media will specialize in the development of Social Media/Networking Sites, be responsible for IT projects, Web Marketing and the launch of all Social Networking sites.

The newly appointed Division President is Chris P. Scott. Mr. Scott's experience spans from Web Design with extensive web and print design as well as development of high end websites, corporate identities and print collateral for the Medical, Biotech, Beauty, Dental, Real Estate, IT, Video Gaming, Sports, Financial and Direct Marketing industries to a Specialist in implementing sites that will grow our own solid, increasingly profitable E-business.

LGN has also signed two new artists -- Rising Lion and William John Coogan.

"Rising Lion signed a distribution deal for its Rising Lion Music catalogue with LGN Entertainment Distribution Inc. This will enable Rising Lion music to be more accessible and available worldwide in digital and physical formats. I am excited about this new development for Rising Lion and our fans. This deal will give R L music access to more markets worldwide and we appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the future with Rising Lion and LGN Entertainment," stated Steve Lane, President of LGN Entertainment Distribution, SNM Global Holdings.

Mr. Lane continued, "William John Coogan has a great story as he has been in the business for many years writing and recording. Recently, something happened to Billy as his young son was ill. With all the test and procedures that young John (Billy's son) went through it inspired William to go back in the studio and his new album was born.

"And now that John has recovered William is ready to tour and his new album titled 'HIS VOICE, HIS MUSIC, HIS SONGS' featuring such future hits as 'Close Your Eyes On Love' and 'Daddy's Coming Home' is ready for release."