Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life On The Road

Have been on the block for a minute.  Still getting organized and wanted to get you all caught up with what's happening on the road. I will make a better effort moving forward to keep you updated with the 2012 tour. We started out the last week of January and played several clubs in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana before turning left and heading west. The first show in Chicago at "The Shrine" club was amazing - packed dancefloor and tons of positive feedback from everyone. The new lineup of musicians each have special and unique talents and we are playing to everyone's strengths in the band. Lots and lots of driving.....trapped together in a tight space and you get to know your new peeps really quickly!  Did I mention lots and lots and lots of driving? Wintertime driving in Vail and Alma Colorado was challenging and also stunningly beautiful. Meeting tons of new friends and playing music every night - what's better than that? Great show in Taos, New Mexico where we met Mario and Heather. They locked eyes at a Rising Lion show 15 years ago and have been together ever since - beautiful! We've had some good CD sales so far and are getting some new fun merchandise coming soon. More Soon - Peace Love Joy - Let Light Shine!